Alexi Volkov

Iteration X Field Agent


Name: Alexi Volkov
Convention: Iteration X
Nature: Investigator
Eidolon: Pattern
Demeanor: Machine
Methodology: Bio-Mechanics
Concept: Field Agent
Amalgam: Prisonfork

Strength 3
Dexterity 4
Stamina 4
Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2
Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 3


Alertness 3
Athletics 1
Awareness 3
Brawl 1
Dodge 3
Streetwise 2
Drive 2
Energy Weapons 2
Hypertech 2
Stealth 2
Technology 1
Investigation 3
Occult 1
Biotech 2

Life 3
Matter 2
Prime 1

Enhancements 3
Genius 1
Patron 1
Secret Weapons 2

Enlightenment 4
Willpower 6



Entrance into Prisonfork

Alexi Volkov was working as a prostitute in New York one Friday night when a black Mercedes rolled up to her curb. The driver, an older man who called himself Albert, requested her services for the evening. She was having trouble determining if she should sit in the front seat, or the back seat, but decided with the front seat.

The client drove out to a deserted pier. Alexi became nervous when the man stopped the car. She asked Albert to take her back and told him she wasn’t comfortable with this anymore. When Albert turned to her, his skin had changed to a pale grey color and his head was elongated. His eyes were large dark ovals laying on their sides. He peeled back his lips to revealed sharp jagged teeth with a wide smile. When Alexi turned to open the car door to escape, Albert sunk his teeth into her shoulder. The last thing she saw out the window were two men in black suits approaching the vehicle.

When Alexi awoke, she was laying on the cold dirt outside the car with the two men in black suits standing over her. Her chest felt wet and when she pulled herself up she could see her intestines sprawled across the ground.

“Doesn’t look like she is going to make it, Agent Smith” said one of the men in black. “No, Agent Jones, I don’t think she will” said the other. Agent Smith knelt down to get a better look at Alexi’s condition. “Hrm. She may be a good candidate for the cyborg program. How does that sound Ms. Volkov?” Before Alexi could respond, she went unconscious.

“We can rebuild her… we have the technology.” Alexi Volkov was introduced into the cyborg program. Albert was revealed to be an alien that fed on humans who had been kidnapping women and killing and eating them for decades. When Alexi recovered, she vowed to work with the men in black to hunt down Albert and those like him.

Alexi Volkov

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