Alesander Otxoa Mendoza

A puzze loving, entropy manipulating caffeine addict.


An Associate in Prisonfork, an Amalgam which is part of Gauntlet Bastion 15.

Nature: Avant Garde
Eidolon: Questing


*Entropy – 3
*Time – 2
*Prime – 1


Early Life

Born July 7, 1983, in Boise, Idaho to Basque immigrants. Growing up, Alesander showed a natural affinity for understanding patterns and odds. Although he excelled at understanding and playing games of chance, he was more intrigued by games of patterns and minimal randomness, particularly Scrabble.


Alesander learned the game of chess from the Russian family of one of his childhood friends. He was instantly drawn to the game, with it’s lack of chance and large amount of patterns and tendencies. He excelled from the start, and began entering competitions at the age of 10. He obtained the rank of Expert by the age of 13. Soon thereafter he lost interest in the world of competitive chess. Although he still follows the competitions, he doesn’t compete anymore.


High School

Alesander attended Capital High School , where he excelled in computer classes, and seemed destined for a career in the computer field. It was at this time he picked up his love of statistics, and spent a lot of time developing methods for leveraging the growing power of computers to analyze data. In his senior year he interned at a local insurance company as an assistant for an actuary.


Even with all his skills working with computers and numbers, he was wary of committing to any field of study, and avoided going to a technical school. Since he probably knew more about computers than most college faculties, he decided to work on his general education at Boise State University , and ended up pursuing a double major in Computer Science with an emphasis on information management, and Modern Languages & Literatures .

He developed a love of research during his time at Boise State, and made good use of his computer skills to streamline the management of all the information he gathered during his stay in the library. Although he never received direct credit, the school library still uses much of his software and research and organization methods.


The Cato Institute

Out of college, he attempted to secure a job at the Library of Congress, but lost out on the job to his best friend from school, Tyler Turner. Although he didn’t receive the job at the LoC, he still took his love of research and information to Washington D.C., and found employment at The Cato Institute as a research specialist.

Game Theory Research

While working at the Cato Institute, he was also working with David Carver on a paper dealing with game theory and it’s applications in professional sports.


A year into his stay in the DC area, he was recruited by NASA as a file clerk and information analyst. He was stationed at the Langley Research Center, in Langley, VA. While at Langley, he spent his time centralizing the vast amounts of information NASA had, and organizing it into a database. It was during his stint at NASA that he first met Oleg Machinsky while helping him find and review specific videos. It was also during this time period that he befriended Maya Portillo and helped her with a paper that she was writing on potential psychological and social problems of putting large amounts of civilians in space.

Casino Cibola

After 13 months at NASA, his skill at analying data and patterns, along with his knowledge of game theory, attracted the attention of Las Vegas. The newly created Casino Cibola hired him, and put him to work in casino security analyzing patterns and tendencies of players. He helped develop new security procedures and a computer analytical system for the casino. He excelled at catching cheaters, weeding out machines that weren’t making enough money for the casino, and finding dealers that were not performing to the high standards of Casino Cibola.

After a couple of years in Vegas, the pressure of the industry, along with his awakening, were too much for him to handle and he left for California.

P.I. Work

His work at Casino Cibola left him with a deep curiosity and interest in the behavior of people from different social and economical backgrounds. He found a job working with a private investigator in Irvine, CA. The next year was spent learning about society, and how his skills in patterns and data analysis applied to everyday people in an uncontrolled environment.

Software Development

As much as he enjoyed his direct work with people, eventually Alesander felt the urge to return to the lab and write his own software. He took a job at Int Labor, Inc. to learn the ins and outs of the software industry. He was in the process of getting his own software company started when he was approached and recruited by The Syndicate.

Awakening and Recruitment

Although he had been using powers for awhile, he never realized it until he had been working at the casino for awhile. While understanding odds and patterns always felt natural, he never realized he could actually affect chance. Until he willed a high roller to lose a dice throw that could have cost the casino a significant amount of money. After that, it didn’t take him long to test out his new powers and learn the extent of his capabilities. It was all too much for him, and he quickly gave notice and left his job.

As fate would have it, months later he ended up at a Syndicate run software company. They monitored him for awhile and then recruited him.

Traits and Abilities


Alesander has shown abilities in Entropy and Time manipulation.

While not physically inept, Alesander’s strengths definitely leans towards the mental.

Alesander Otxoa Mendoza

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