Prisonfork Amalgam


Diplomacy schliplomancy
After some initial planning, Prisonfork heads out to Bartol’s lair. They talk their way into the house by posing as City Workers there to update some building plans. Once inside, they encounter one of Bartol’s henchmen. After attempting to gain a meeting with Bartol through Diplomacy, El Cochon loses his patience and attacks the Henchman. There is a short, but mostly pointless fight. Bartol at that point decides that he would grant a meeting instead of having his house cave in and possibly expose his hideout.

Prisonfork wins him over, and he agrees to a temporary cease fire until the Circle of the Snake is neutralized. His one stipulation is that the Sabbat tithe to Prisonfork, but the Camarilla do not. Of course, Vitor Afonso is not allowed to know this. They return to base and await the decision from the two vampire councils.

Side Notes
Oleg drinks blood from Bartol, gaining more powers.
Alesander uses his Syndicate connections, and it is awesome.



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