Prisonfork Amalgam


Diplomacy schliplomancy
After some initial planning, Prisonfork heads out to Bartol’s lair. They talk their way into the house by posing as City Workers there to update some building plans. Once inside, they encounter one of Bartol’s henchmen. After attempting to gain a meeting with Bartol through Diplomacy, El Cochon loses his patience and attacks the Henchman. There is a short, but mostly pointless fight. Bartol at that point decides that he would grant a meeting instead of having his house cave in and possibly expose his hideout.

Prisonfork wins him over, and he agrees to a temporary cease fire until the Circle of the Snake is neutralized. His one stipulation is that the Sabbat tithe to Prisonfork, but the Camarilla do not. Of course, Vitor Afonso is not allowed to know this. They return to base and await the decision from the two vampire councils.

Side Notes
Oleg drinks blood from Bartol, gaining more powers.
Alesander uses his Syndicate connections, and it is awesome.

What is this, Twilight?
Team Edward? Fuck that!

After resting up, the team prepares for day two of their new career…

I don’t like werewolves anyway!
After returning to Delta Colony and debriefing Aldo on their assignment, he decides to put a hold on that mission, and assigns them to help out Vigilant Union with one of their cases.

Vampires?!? Do they sparkle?
Victor Bockhalt briefs them on a case that currently has them stumped. They are shown a video of a woman destroying a couple vampires, while one escapes. It is revealed that she is a member of the Circle of the Snake, and they are given a quick rundown of the organization. They are also shown the newest member of the CoS, Charles Holden, and told to see what they can find out about him.

Interview with a Vampire
The Circle of the Snake are strongarming two groups of Vampires, the Sabbat and the Camarilla. The attack caught on film was intended to keep the two clans from coming to a peace agreement, which would have damaged the CoS plans. They are collecting vampire blood as payment for “protection” from each of the clans, and it is the best interest of everyone to prevent them from collecting. Bockhalt sets up a meeting between Prisonfork and the leader of the Lasombra, Vitor Afonso. They are instructed to do what they can to help the two clans come to an agreement.

Afonso informs them that the Sabbat are willing to reach a peace accord, but the Camarilla aren’t. One of the members of the Camarilla Council, Bartol, refuses to bargain, and a group of other members seem to vote in line with him. Afonso suggests that if they can either change Bartol’s mind or, more preferably, eliminate him, then a peace agreement would be attainable.

After getting clearance from Aldo, they decide to observe Bartol and plan a course of action.

Side Stories
-Oleg Drinks Vampire Blood
-El Cochon starts a drug trade

Meet the Prisonfork
In Soviet Russia, I pilot ROCKET!

In the first adventure for our intrepid heroes, everybody is introduced to each other, and get’s to meet the management…

Team Prisonfork
The team gathers at Hanger A in Virginia, where they meet Aldo Kirchoff. They are then taken to a space elevator which is setup to transport them to Delta Colony, the homebase of Gauntlet Bastion 15.

Meet Your New Boss
Once aboard, the members of the newly created Prisonfork are introduced to the members of the Triumvirate, and the other team based in Delta Colony, The Vigilant Union.

Get to Work
After brief introductions, Prisonfork is given their first assignment. They are instructed to proceed to the Nanticoke Elder Cave, and collect the tass from the node there. After returning to Hanger A on the space elevator, they mount up and travel to the cave.

Prisonfork arrives at the cave and finds the node already stripped of it’s tass. Making some creative use of their newfound magic abilities, they find out the tass was stripped by a group of three werewolves. Oleg talks to the spirits guarding the node, and finds out they were powerless to stop the foul beasts from taking the tass. They collect the machine created by the void engineers that was intended to collect the tass automagically, and return to Delta Colony.

Hit the library
Once back on Delta Colony, Oleg takes the machine to be repaired, and El Cochon and Alesander head to the library to do some research. They discover that the werewolves that took the Tass, who the Spirits referred to as The Pure Ones, were members of the Silver Fangs.

Let’s Call it a Day
The team decides to turn in for the day, and travels to their new headquarters: the Int. Labor building in Irvine, CA. They retire for the night, and wait for their meeting with Aldo Kirchoff the next day to find out their next assignment.


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